Rubber Dock Fender

Rubber Dock Fender serves as a protector of the dock wall and the ship from damage when the ship is docked due to currents at the pier which causes the ship to shake on the pier wall.

Rubber fender models include:

  • Rubber Fender V
  • Rubber Fender M
  • Rubber Fender D
  • Rubber Fender AV
  • Rubber Fender Cell
  • Rubber Fender Square

Rubber Coupling

Coupling is a tool that functions to connect two shafts to transmit a motion (torque), simply coupling functions as a power transmission. The way the coupling works is simple, the ends of both shafts are connected to the coupling. When the driving shaft starts to work (rotates), a shock occurs in the coupling, to reduce this shock, a damper component is used in a coupling made of rubber or plastic (often called a rubber coupling / coupling insert).

Rubber Sheet

Rubber sheet has a function as a coating between the goods and the media which aims to reduce vibrations and avoid direct collisions between the goods and the media.