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Rubber Autoclave

Autoclave is a machine used to carry out processes that require high temperature and pressure with respect to ambient pressure / temperature as well as to carry out sterilization.

Rubber Hose

This machine is used for the manufacture of rubber hose products that have the ability to withstand high air pressure and heat resistance.

Rubber Extrude

The rubber extruder is used to extrude various forms of rubber products, such as rubber hoses, rubber tubes, cables, sealing strips, etc.

Rubber Kneader

The Kneader engine has good mixing and dispersion performance. The maximum filling percentage can be 92%, and the pelletizing system can be selected. This machine has advanced design, high yield, good plastification, low energy consumption and has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, load-bearing strength, long life characteristics.

Rubber For Mining

Rubber compound making or processing machines are used to soften raw materials (raw rubber) and mix them with carbon (other chemicals) homogeneously. Because rubber compounds are made from a mixture of rubber and chemicals, rubber compounding machines are often called rubber mixing machines.

Rubber Mold Press

This machine is used to press the mold that will form the finished goods rubber. In the process, the rubber material to be printed is placed on a machine. The placement is placed in the middle between the two steel molds.

Rubber Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler or steam generator is a device used to make steam by applying heat energy to water.

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Mould Shop

Rubber Shaping Machine

A forming machine is a machine designed to give the desired shape on a surface that can be horizontal, vertical and flat. Shaping tools are used to cut curves, different angles, and many other shapes. Cutting tools are used to shape hard metal or wood surfaces by removing excess material.

CNC Milling Machine

A CNC Milling (Milling) Machine is a cutting tool that is operated by a machine programmed with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system to remove material from the workpiece. The end result of this process is certain parts or products that are made using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.


Known for their ability to shape and process very hard metals, EDM machines are often used in the manufacture of dies / molds, cutting tools, and molds made of steel and other materials that cannot be worked in the traditional way (cutting). EDM machines have also been proven to solve problems for exotic materials such as Hastelloy, Nitralloy, Waspaloy and Nimonic, which are often used in the aerospace industry.


Used for metal joining that uses heat energy to melt the workpiece and electrodes (filler material). Heat energy in the SMAW welding process is generated due to a jump of electric ions (cathode and anode) that occurs at the tip of the electrode and the surface of the material. In the SMAW welding process, the protective type used is the flux membrane on the electrodes. The flux on the SMAW electrodes serves to protect the weld metal from melting during the welding process. This flux will slag when it is solid

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Test Equipment

Mooney Visco Meter

This tool is used to test the viscosity of SIR rubber or Crumb Rubber.


Serves to test the properties of the polymer when the rubber is after or before and during the use of the rubber. And also a functional development of the viscometer which tests the properties of rubber polymers before use. In addition, Rheometer is a technology that has been designed to be able to perform a volcanic cure (cure) on rubber compounds and to test elasticity and torsion of rubber.

Tensile Strength Meter

Is a test instrument with a tensile testing system which is generally used as a support tool in the testing process with the aim of knowing the various properties of the material to be tested.

Abrassion Tester

Serves to determine the friction and durability of paper and boards, ceramics, plastics, textiles, rubber

Ozone Tester

Serves To Measure Surface Ozone Concentration with UV Photometry measurement method.

Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester is a tool for testing the hardness, strength or resistance of a material (material) and can be used as a method to determine the effect of heat and cold treatment on materials. Materials that have undergone cold working, hot working, and heat treatment can describe their change in strength by measuring their surface hardness

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