Rubber Car Mat

Car rugs serve to cover the floor / undercarriage of the car and also to beautify the cabin conditions.

Rubber Car Door Seal

This Rubber Car Door Seal has a function to protect the car door, while providing an anti-collision effect for the car, so that the shock generated when closing the door will be muffled and will not damage the hinges of the car door.

Rubber Wheel Chock

Wheel chock to protect trucks and heavy vehicles from slipping on off-road terrain when placed in the Park. Large haul trucks, which can weigh up to 450 tonnes, require much larger wheel sheds which will themselves weigh nearly 40 kilograms

Rubber Mud Flap

Mud flap or mud guard is an additional component that is attached to the car. Mud flaps have a function to reduce mud, soil or gravel splashes.

Rubber Tire Flap

The flaps / marsets are specially designed and made to protect the inner tubes from the heat generated by the wheels. In general, the flap tire or inner tube coating is made of thick rubber material.